Sunday, June 1, 2014

Two Little Boys

 I have a poem book that was written by my Great Grandma Lucy Burnham and this has to be my favorite poem in the book. I think it hits close to home so I had to share with you.
About a million and one things have happened since I was last on here to post. Of course one of the biggies is that my boys are growing up!! Ethan is now 7 and Jacob is 3. I don't know where the time went but I love these boys to death!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 Years old!!!!

Ethan had his 5th birthday on the 18th. I can't believe it! Rory ended up working on the day of his birthday so I took Ethan to Toys R Us, and let him pick out something. It took quite a while for him to decide of course because there were just so many choices and he had to look at EVERYTHING!! Whatever though, it's his birthday.
What a cheesy smile on that birthday boy! Love this kid!!!

Jacob had to help him pick something.
Buzz Ethan and Jacob to the rescue!

 After Toys R us, we headed back towards home and ended up meeting up with my parents at Red Robin to celebrate a little more. Mom brought his presents and they sang to him!

The next day was the birthday party. We only invited 4 kids, but two of them couldn't make it. Ethan still had a great time with his two favorite friends. One is Savannah, and the other is Gabe. Savannah's mom used to babysit Ethan when I was working, so he loves playing with her. Gabe is a boy that is just a year older that lives down the street. This summer they started playing together and he has loved him since. Of course the theme Ethan wanted was Transformers. (No surprise there!) They played a couple of games (including a pinata which was crazy!) then he opened presents and then had yummy cake and ice cream. It was a great party!

He loved his cake!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October pics I had to post.

Two of my favorite pics from the month.
Ethan wanted Jacob to watch tv with him.  I love seeing them together like this..and not screaming at each other. lol
One night I had to call dad to help me because I needed to go to the dr. When I got home this is what I found. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!


So the title of this is a bit deceiving. My boys were anything but spooky on halloween. A few days before halloween, we headed to Rory's work for their annual Pumpkin carving party. The kids dressed up, we ate hot dogs and candy, then started carving our pumpkins. Ethan was a little grouchy because he had school that morning and was tired, but he got over it once he eyeballed the candy. lol Here was the finished product.
On Halloween night we got quite a few trick-or-treaters. Ethan went out for a while, but then was ready to come home. He was actually pretty happy with the little candy he got and had a good time handing out the candy. He decided this year that he wanted to be Thor. I have no idea why he picked that because he is huge into transformers, but whatever. lol

Jacob was of course my little pumpkin. His costume matched his hair!